Best Gifts for Nurses

Nurses are compassionate and dedicated professionals who work tirelessly to meet the needs of their patients. Although the nursing career is very rewarding, it also comes with many challenges. Nurses work long hours and make personal sacrifices to ensure that every patient is cared for.

If someone you love is a nurse, you know how hard they work. And you want to give them the perfect gift to show you understand and care about what they do.

The 12 Best Gifts for Nurses

1. Massage Gift Certificate
Gifting a massage is a great way to ensure your favorite nurse gets some much-needed self-care and relaxation. After being on their feet all day, it will help them soothe their achy muscles.

2. Stethoscope
Every nurse needs a good stethoscope. Stethoscopes are an excellent gift for new nurses. They are also great for the seasoned nurse who hasn’t replaced theirs in many years.

3. Personalized Work Bag
Nurses carry many items with them to work. A personalized work bag with many pockets is a great gift for any nurse. Not only is it practical, but there are also many chic options available.

4. New Scrub Set
A nurse can never have too many scrubs! Look for a stylish, comfortable pair with lots of pockets.

5. Supportive Shoes
Nurses work on their feet for long hours. Having a supportive and stylish pair of shoes is essential for any nurse.

6. Compression Stockings
Compression stockings help improve blood circulation and prevent swelling of ankles and feet for nurses who stand for hours on end. Compression stockings come in various colors and styles to match any pair of scrubs.

7. Badge Reel
Most hospitals and doctor’s offices require employees to carry an ID badge. The badge may also serve as a key to access certain areas of the building. A badge reel is a great way for a nurse to show a little bit of their personal style while at work without having to unclip the ID to use it.

8. Silicone Ring
Nurses are constantly taking gloves on and off and washing their hands. Silicone rings are easy to clean and comfortable to wear underneath gloves all day. Many nurses wear silicone rings as replacements for their wedding bands while on shift. Plus, it’s better to misplace a silicone ring than a diamond ring or gold band.

9. Insulated Water Bottle
Staying hydrated (or caffeinated) is important for busy professionals. A durable, double-walled insulated tumbler or water bottle is an excellent way for nurses to keep water cold or coffee hot throughout their long shifts.

10. Self-Care Basket
As said before, nurses often forgo their own needs to care for their patients. Show your favorite nurse you care by making them a basket of all their favorite self-care items. Bath products, lotions, makeup, nail care, a candle, or a good book are all great items to include in your basket. And if you live with the gift recipient, be sure to set up time for them to enjoy the gift!

11. Coffee Gift Cards
Nurses work long and tiring shifts, even working overnight while everyone else is sleeping. A gift card to a coffee shop is a great way to help a nurse get through those long nights or early mornings. Many medical facilities have a coffee shop nearby or even in the lobby.

12. Smart Watch
Smartwatches are a great gift idea for anyone with a busy lifestyle. Smartwatches allow the convenience of simply glancing at important notifications and checking the time. There are multiple brands available to fit any price point.

Whether you choose to give a gift, write a thank you note, or plan a special activity, showing that you care about your favorite nurse will mean the world to them.