Are you eager to get started working as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)? Or perhaps you’re a seasoned CNA ready for a new employer.

Here are 5 things that you should know before applying for a CNA job.

1. You may not be in charge of your schedule

Many jobs do not allow CNAs to control their own schedule. It is important to learn more about how the facility schedules. You may not be able to get the exact shifts you want that work with your schedule. Some locations may still do handwritten schedules that are posted at the last minute.

When applying for a CNA job, it’s important to discuss whether or not you will be working certain days of the week or specific shifts. If you are in need of a certain amount of hours per week to maintain your financial budget, then be sure to ask about how many hours you’ll be scheduled each week.

A nurse staffing agency is a great option if you are seeking to fill a set number of shifts per week or need a lot more flexibility. Nurse staffing agencies work with a variety of clients, therefore, typically have many more shifts available to fill compared to a hospital or private facility.

The best nurse staffing agencies have an app to allow you to control your schedule – so your schedule is designed perfectly for you!

2. Some CNA jobs offer flexibility

If your lifestyle requires a job with flexibility, nurse staffing agencies are a great option. The various job openings of a nurse staffing agency can accommodate things like a changing college schedule or a busy home life. In addition, different shifts are available at different facilities. This allows you to experience different environments and have variety in your schedule.

If you choose a more traditional job, you may be assigned to work a schedule that isn’t flexible and you’ll wind up using precious paid time off to make it work for you. With a nurse staffing agency, you can build a schedule that meets all of your needs with the flexibility you require.

3. There are differences in pay

The pay for CNA jobs varies from company to company. When applying for jobs, be sure to apply to jobs that pay a fair rate for your skills. Nurse staffing agencies often pay better than other types of jobs.

Nurse staffing agencies fill the CNA needs of healthcare facilities. Because they are often filling important CNA shifts for the facility, staffing agencies can typically offer their contracted CNAs a higher pay rate.

4. Some CNA jobs offer benefits

Health insurance benefits are often an important thing to consider as a CNA. If you are taking a full-time position, evaluating their benefits and factoring them into your total compensation can help you choose your new job. A good nurse staffing agency will offer health insurance benefits.

5. CNA job descriptions vary

The job environment can significantly differ from one place of employment to the next. If you are unsure what environment you want to work in, or if you are looking to change job environments, a nurse staffing agency is a good choice.

Working with a nurse staffing agency gives you the opportunity to work in different facilities and medical specialties. It will help you grow your skills and combat boredom. Over time, if you find an area that you prefer to work in, then you can choose more shifts at that facility.

Consider your lifestyle needs when you are applying for a CNA job. Working with a nurse staffing agency can accommodate your schedule, offer a variety of environments to work in, provide benefits, higher pay, and increase flexibility for a better work-life balance.

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