Becoming a CNA is the start of a rewarding career. Some people choose to become certified to gain experience in healthcare as they decide which path to take – nursing, physician assistant, or other caregivers. Others want to be a CNA for many years.

Either option means you’ll need a good employer to get the most out of your career. Every CNA winds up regretting picking the wrong job and not choosing the right one sooner.

Don’t Regret Missing Out on the Best Experience

Everyone wants to get the most out of life – good pay, great work-life balance, and a fulfilling job. It can be difficult to figure out how to achieve that, especially if you are taking classes or caring for young children. CNAs are drawn to helping people, so they want to use their skills and training to make the biggest impact on patients.

Choosing to work for a staffing agency comes with many benefits.

1. Work-life Balance

Nurse staffing agencies allow you to choose the shifts that work best for you. And companies that offer a scheduling app allow you to have complete control of your shifts. You choose when to work based on your unique needs.

2. Variety of Opportunities

When CNAs work for one specific facility, they are often scheduled to the same area, they don’t get to experience a variety of situations. Working at different locations helps keep things interesting. It’s also a great resume builder for those working toward becoming a nurse or other provider.

3. Flexibility

Life happens. You may need to work evenings or nights for a while then switch to weekends. You may need to increase or decrease your hours. A nurse staffing agency can accommodate that flexibility – especially when you are choosing your own shifts. That’s not usually the case when you work for a single employer. Your schedule may be set with little opportunity for change.

4. Great Pay

Staffing agencies work with facilities to fill the shifts they need, leading to better pay for CNAs than you might expect from a single employer. Being a CNA is hard work and you deserve top pay for it. Working for a staffing agency is a great way to ensure you’re being paid appropriately.

Don’t Regret Choosing the Wrong Staffing Agency

If you’ve made the decision to join a staffing agency, there can be regrets that come with choosing the wrong one.
Make sure you choose a staffing agency that offers:

1. Health Insurance Benefits

If you are working full-time, you should get health insurance benefits. Taking care of yourself is critical and not all staffing agencies offer insurance for their full-time employees.

2. Modern Scheduling

A lot of companies still do old-fashioned scheduling – you have to request your shifts in writing and hope that you get them. You may have to text, call, or email multiple times to know when and where you are working. Staffing agencies that use modern technology give you the power to control your schedule.

3. Shift Availability

Having enough shifts to fill your schedule is an essential part of working for a staffing agency. You have a budget and count on enough hours to meet your financial goals. If a staffing agency doesn’t work with enough facilities to offer the number of shifts you want, your paycheck will suffer.

Avoid Regret

No one wants to regret their career decisions, especially if you are a new CNA. Choosing a staffing agency gives you more control over your schedule, work-life balance, and experiences. Picking the wrong job with a single employer can set you up for regrets – avoid that by joining a nurse staffing agency.