Essential Tools Every Nurse Should Have

Every nurse knows they need high-quality tools and supplies to help make their days go as smoothly as possible. Here is a list of the top 10 essential tools every nurse should have.

1. Comfortable Scrubs

Comfortable and functional scrubs are one of the most important things a nurse can have. As nurses, we are always on the go, so scrubs should be well-fitting, comfortable, and have lots of pockets to hold your essential supplies. Many scrub brands even offer antimicrobial fabric to help prevent the spread of infection.

2. Supportive Shoes

Nurses are always on their feet. On average, nurses walk about 3 miles during a 12-hour shift, so comfortable, supportive, and fashionable shoes are a must-have item for all nurses. When shopping for your next pair of shoes, look for ones with appropriate arch support, cushioning, and enough room for your toes.

3. Compression Socks

To go with supportive, comfortable, and stylish shoes, nurses also need a good pair of compression socks to help combat the pain and discomfort that comes with walking and standing for 12-hour shifts. Compression socks are designed to improve blood flow in your lower legs which can reduce pain and swelling. Compression socks are available in various fun colors and patterns to match all of your favorite scrubs.

4. Stethoscope

A high-quality and reliable stethoscope is a non-negotiable tool for every nurse. Stethoscopes are used constantly throughout the day to listen to heart, lung, and abdominal sounds to ensure that vital organs are functioning properly. With a good-quality stethoscope, nurses can perform their daily tasks seamlessly. The good news is there are plenty of stethoscopes on the market. Littman is an excellent and reliable brand of stethoscopes with multiple varieties to choose from.

5. Trauma Sheers

Nurses must cut through many materials during their shifts, including clothing, gauze, and tubes. Therefore, having a good pair of scissors or trauma sheers is not just a handy tool but a necessary one. Your workplace may provide trauma sheers, but having your own on hand can save you time in an emergency.

6. Protective Goggles

Nurses are tasked with handling the bodily fluids of their patients on a daily basis. A good pair of protective goggles is a great tool to help protect your eyes from splashes, sprays, and splatter. There are even blue-light-blocking protective goggles available to help protect your eyes from looking at computers and screens all day.

7. A Watch with A SecondHand

A watch with a second hand is a must-have for recording vital signs and timing patient medications. Watches designed explicitly for nurses are available, but a regular watch with a large second hand will also do the job if it is durable and easy to sanitize.

8. Pen Light

Nurses use pen lights to help effectively assess patient conditions like pupillary reactions. Pen lights are small and easy to carry in your pockets. There are even pen lights designed to hang from your badge for easy convenience.

9. Small Sharpie

Nurses are constantly having to date and time bandages or IV tubings. A small sharpie attached to your badge can make this task more convenient.

10. Hand Lotion

Nurses are constantly washing their hands or using hand sanitizer. However, constant washing and sanitizing can lead to dry and irritated skin. A pocket-sized hand lotion is a great way to prevent your hands from becoming dry and chapped throughout your shift.

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