The Shocking truth CNA Staffing agencies

How much do you know about Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) staffing agencies? Many of us have heard about these agencies, but do not really know the details.

CNA staffing agencies often offer better pay, work-life balance, and career satisfaction. Once you learn more about the advantages, you will want to start working with a staffing agency right away.

CNA staffing agencies offer better pay

Staffing agencies have agreements with various healthcare facilities to meet the facility’s scheduling needs. Some of these needs are last-minute or short-term assignments. Facilities are often willing to pay agencies a higher rate, knowing their staffing needs will be met. As a result, staffing agencies are able to offer their CNAs a better hourly rate.

CNA staffing agencies promote a positive work-life balance

CNA agencies offer many shifts at various facilities. As a CNA, you can decide how many hours per week you would like to work. In addition, you can also choose which shift works best with your schedule.

When your home-life schedule changes, so can your availability. If you are in school or a parent, your schedule may change frequently. Unpredictable home or school life makes it challenging to maintain a consistent work schedule.

With a staffing agency, you can modify your availability if your school schedule changes. In addition, some agencies have mobile apps, to help you easily keep track of your schedule and current availability.

These advantages promote a positive work-life balance. A staffing agency offers the flexibility to help successfully maintain a balanced life.

CNA staffing agencies promote career satisfaction

Staffing agencies provide the option of trying out working in different medical specialties. For example, perhaps you have worked only with geriatric patients in a skilled nursing facility setting. Now, you may want to try working in a different area or learn a new skill set. When you work with a staffing agency, you can do just that.

Rotating positions and working in different environments can help prevent burnout. In addition, the opportunity to try different assignments can lead to and maintain career satisfaction. Various assignments may require learning different procedures and learning about different disorders and medications.

If you aren’t working for a great CNA staffing agency, now is the time. Apply today!