PRN Nursing

People who work in the healthcare industry know how many acronyms exist. And many of them have Latin roots, making them even more confusing. You may have heard the phrase “PRN shifts”, but aren’t sure what it really means.

What does PRN Mean?

The acronym “PRN” stands for the Latin phrase “pro re nata,” which translates to “as the circumstance demands” or “as needed.”

Per diem is another term you’ve probably heard, which is Latin for “for each day”. A nurse available to work on-demand or as needed is a PRN nurse. The same is true for CNAs and LPNs who work on-demand shifts.

What is PRN Nurse Staffing?

PRN nurses are fully licensed professionals who want to work on-call rather than as full-time employees. PRN nurses may perform a single shift or several shifts to cover for vacations, absent employees, or to fill in during times of high staffing demand.

Why Would a Nurse Consider Becoming PRN?

Nurses may consider becoming PRN for a variety of reasons. Some nurses might be dissatisfied with their jobs and search for better opportunities. Other nurses may want to achieve a better work-life balance and more control over their schedules.

Another reason is for better compensation for their time and skills.

Advantages of PRN Nurse Staffing

Being a PRN nurse is a terrific way to set your schedule if you need to. You will be free to work the shifts you want and turn down ones that don’t suit your needs. This versatility enables you to:

  • Create your schedule. Working as a PRN nurse allows you the flexibility to schedule your workdays around your personal life and other obligations.
  • Enhance professional learning and growth. You might have the chance to cross-train or float during a PRN shift to gain knowledge about a different specialty.
  • Say no. It is that easy. You can decline a PRN shift when working as a PRN nurse. It is possible to take a vacation without needing to request time off. Even better, if you work for a nurse staffing agency that employs technology to schedule, you can select your desired shifts right in the app.
  • Take on last-minute shifts that may pay even better. It can be financially beneficial to help out by covering shifts for hospitals or facilities that are in a bind.
  • Stay active in your career. Even if you do not have the ability or want to work a full-time job, you can still earn extra money by maintaining an active career and keeping your license up to date.
  • Make more money. In general, PRN employees are paid more per hour than permanent employees.

Is Per Diem Nursing Right For You?

PRN shifts could be the solution you’ve been looking for if you feel constrained in your career or want to explore different facilities and departments. Perhaps your family situation is changing, you are in school, or you simply want to make more money.

Working with a nurse staffing agency can help you get the best of both worlds – they can allow you to manage your shifts, create your own schedule, and offer support and other benefits.

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