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Why Should CNAs Choose a Nurse Staffing Agency

Perhaps you have just earned your certificate to practice as a certified nursing assistant (CNA). Or maybe you have been working as a CNA and are ready for a change. Whether you are just starting off in your career or an established healthcare professional, choosing to work with a staffing agency has several benefits.

Steady scheduling

A staffing agency is a great option if you need a certain number of hours to meet your financial goals. Staffing agencies work with a variety of different healthcare facilities so that you can work the hours you need to maintain your chosen lifestyle.

A staffing agency takes the extra work out of having to organize your schedule, by coordinating your schedule between different facilities for you to make sure there is no overlap.


Another huge benefit when working with a staffing agency is flexibility. With a staffing agency, you provide your availability and the number of hours that you want to work. And if they have a scheduling app, you can manage your own schedule entirely.

If your life situation changes, so can your schedule availability. This is a huge advantage if you are in school or have children to care for.

Also, you may want to work in different specialties or different facilities. With a staffing agency, you have the flexibility to do just that. Once you find a specific area you enjoy working in, you can schedule continued work in that area. This is also a great opportunity to build your resume with a variety of different work experiences.


A staffing agency does the extra work for you. You can review your schedule and requests right from your phone via an app. Your schedule is organized and easily accessible anytime. A staffing agency gives you back extra time in your day while offering the necessary tools to help you stay organized and efficient.

Health Insurance
Purchasing health insurance on your own can be costly. Some staffing agencies offer health insurance to full-time CNAs. This benefit helps you care for your own health so that you can stay healthy to best care for your patients.

Certain staffing agencies have the support that can be contacted anytime with issues or concerns while you are working at a new facility. While working, you won’t ever have to feel alone. The best staffing agencies provide their CNAs with the necessary resources to successfully and safely carry out the job.

Avoiding burnout

Especially in recent years, healthcare employee burnout has significantly increased. It is important to be aware of burnout as well as find ways to prevent it. Working back-to-back long-hour shifts, redundancy, and job dissatisfaction can all contribute to healthcare employee burnout. A staffing agency offers the opportunity to choose the shift length that works for you, and also choose the area of specialty and location that suits you best.

Working with a staffing agency offers the resources and flexibility to achieve both job satisfaction and work-life balance.

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