You’re Certified as a CNA - Now What?

You have studied hard, passed your exams, and are now a certified nursing assistant (CNA). Now what?

The next step is finding a place to use those skills to help others and start earning a living. While you may be eager to jump in and get started, there are some important things to consider, especially when you are a new CNA. Your first job will have a lasting impact on your career journey.

1. Start Your Job Search

CNA jobs are in high demand and you likely have a lot of options to choose from, which is great news. But how do you choose the right one?

As a new CNA, it is especially important that you take time to research different positions available and not just jump to the first opening. You want to consider what type of support you will have, the environment, the schedule, and how it will all fit together with your desired lifestyle.

2. Find a Supportive Employer

Starting your career with a company that provides you with support will set you up for success. You need to feel safe and comfortable to perform your job well. A reputable nurse staffing agency is a good option to consider. They are experienced with providing their employees with assistance – some of them even offer 24/7 support. For example, if you feel you do not have the proper personal protective equipment to perform your role, the nurse staffing agency can help address this concern.

3. Gain a Diverse Experience

You may be unsure what type of setting or medical specialty you prefer working in. A benefit of a nurse staffing agency is that they offer positions in diverse settings. This provides you with the opportunity to try different work environments and find one that best fits you. This is a great way to build your resume and gain diverse experience.

If you already know which area you prefer to work in, then you can find a staffing agency that will place you in that specific area, but you will have more control over your schedule than you will with a traditional employer.

4. Maintain Work-Life Balance

Burnout in healthcare employees has increased in recent years. One way to avoid or overcome burnout is by maintaining a healthy work-life balance. A nurse staffing agency often is able to offer a higher pay rate, which can help meet your financial needs. In addition, with nurse staffing agencies, you can choose your preferred schedule. This flexibility is great if you are still in school or have children or other family members to care for. A good work-life balance promotes career satisfaction.

Starting a new career is an exciting part of your journey. Be sure to carefully consider where your first job will be. A nurse staffing agency provides several benefits including support, diverse experiences, and a healthy work-life balance.

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